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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Comments from our Guest Book

- "My husband and I felt in awe as we stood in the midst of memorabilia. I could almost feel the not forgotten heroes and their "ghosts".

- "Fantastic for education. Pontiac shows it has respect and pride for those who gave for our security."

-"This is the best "war museum" I've visited and I've been to several in our country".

- "Awesome museum. I could spend hours in here."

-"Extremely well done. One could spend a whole day in here!"

- "It was nice to see the items kept so well."

- "Very emotional, moving!"

- "Impressive display, very welcoming and educational."

- Thank you. This place reminds me of what my Grandpa used to talk about when he was in the Korean War. He told me lots of stories."


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