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Saturday, June 16, 2007

World War II Conference a Great Success!

Thank you to the City of Pontiac, Pontiac Tourism, and the many friends of the Museum who helped us put on a great World War II conference. Special thanks to our 12 honored speakers representing the Army, Navy, Air Corps, Marines and civilian life as well as over 100 guests. In the photo are (left to right) Jim Dawson-US Marines, Peg Spalding-US Naval Intelligence, Gladys Barnes-engine repair, and John Rodino-US Army. Other participants include: Wib Henkel - US Army, John Amm - US Army, Neil Bach - US Army Air Corps, Eric Merry - RAF door gunner, Willis Harms - US Army, Bill Diaz - US Army and David Siebert - son of a German prisoner of war. Following the Conference, everyone had fun travelling on Pontiac's Jolly Trolley to a local restaurant for even more stories!

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