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Friday, January 15, 2010

Astoria High School Visit

A new museum distance record was set yesterday - January 14, 2010, when 26 high school seniors visited our museum. These history students from Astoria High School were led and driven by their intrepid bus-driving classroom teacher, Doug Banwart. The journey on roads and highways in their yellow stretch limo (schoolbus) took almost three hours to Pontiac. That's over 120 miles!

President Jack Murphy welcomed the group and gave a brief introduction. Then the students were divided into 6 groups to listen to, question, and learn from each of the 6 World War II veterans from our museum as well as the son of our founder. The students were attentive, respectful, and curious as they took notes and interacted with these veteran members of the "Greatest Generation". The vets themselves were very impressed by the students and their interest.

Following the museum visit, both students and veterans enjoyed many pizzas and soft drinks at Mario's Pizza of Pontiac. We thank Mario's for opening up four hours early to accomodate our group. Thanks also for telling us some of the fabled history of the restaurant and Route 66.

The following veterans participated in the interviews:

Bill Hall - US Marines - Pacific
John Amm - US Army - Europe
Don Ely - US Army - Pacific
Jim Dawson - US Marines - Pacific
Rollie Gagnon - US Navy - Europe
Joe Malone - US Army - Europe
Dal Estes - US Army - Europe
(son spoke on his behalf)

A War Museum Salute to teacher Doug Banwart and his students from Astoria High School! We are impressed by the quality of your visit and the quantity of miles required. This brings great credit to the Astoria School District. We will remember you.

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