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Friday, May 28, 2010


I had the honor of attending LZ LAMBEAU in Green Bay Wisconsin last weekend. It was a beautiful 3 day salute to Vietnam veterans and those who did not return, their families and friends. Over 75,000 people filled the parking lot and Lambeau Field - home of the Green Bay Packers. There were mini-reunions, lectures on the music and literature of the Vietnam era, live bands and singers, photo displays, military aircraft and equipment, and the "Big Map"- a vinyl map of Southeast Asia and the South China Sea stretched out on the Lambeau parking lot with all principal cities and American bases marked on it. Thousands of Vietnam vets signed their names, units, and left messages to those they left behind. It will be donated to the Wisconsin Veterans Museum in Madison.
Saturday evening brought an emotional and beautiful tribute to Vietnam vets inside Lambeau Field.
Over 2000 empty white chairs were set up on the field representing Wisconsin's losses. A Medal of Honor soldier, Gary Wetzel, spoke and the Wisconsin National Guard completely surrounded the field - first turning toward the field to salute the dead, then turning toward the stands to salute the veterans. The best part of the experience at LZ Lambeau for me was sharing these experiences with the sister and niece of my best friend in Vietnam, Bob Pulaski, who died at age 19 during our operations near the A Shau Valley in 1971. I will never forget him, nor the weekend at LZ Lambeau. Thank you Sandy and Kaley.

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