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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

PLEASE READ - Honoring the Tammen Brothers

One of the most recent additions to our museum is a display of the uniforms and stories of the Tammen brothers. Hank and Dena Tammen of Flanagan Il sent three of their four sons to war. John Tammen was killed by a Japanese mortar round in the Philippines. His family was notified on April 19, 1945. Three days later, on April 22, 1945, they were notified of the death of their second son, Clarence Tammen, in Europe. A third son, Peter, came back from service in Europe. Their fourth and oldest son, Henry, stayed home to help on the family farm. All four brothers and two sisters are now deceased.

Our museum accepts and displays these uniforms, photos and stories with great honor. We thank niece Clarette Carls of Flanagan and other family members for entrusting us with these precious symbols of  the shared sacrifice of American families during World War II.

Please come to our museum to see this display. Future visitors and students will now understand even more what "The Greatest Generation' accomplished and the meaning of the phrase "Freedom Isn't Free".


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