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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

VOA Report on Frank Buckles: Last Surviving WWI Veteran

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  1. Today is the 110th birthday of our last remaining World War I veteran, Mr. Frank W. Buckles. He still considers it his duty to represent his fellow soldiers from what was called the Great War. He enlisted in the Army at 21 and drove ambulances in England and France, as well as guard German prisoners. He was in Manila during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 where he was captured and imprisoned by them for three years.

    There are only two other remaining World War I veterans in the world - both of them in the United Kingdom.

    Mr. Buckles lives at Gap View Farm in Charles Town, West Virginia.
    When asked for the secret of his long life, he replied: "Hope...When you start to die, don't."

    So, Happy Birthday with our greatest respect, Mr. Buckles.
    The Veterans and Members of the Livingston County War Museum
    Dal Estes Education Center
    Pontiac Illinois