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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flanagan-Cornell High School Fieldtrip

Greeting by Museum President, Jack Murphy

Bev Hart, Social Studies teacher, looks over museum with Roger Kutzner.

Students enjoy learning history at our museum.

Jack Murphy, Museum President, talking about history of museum.

This student took several minutes to read a fascinating, historic letter describing the brave death during World War II
of an Australian soldier, Alex Bell. It was written by a friend in a Japanese prisoner of war camp to Mrs. Bell describing her son's bravery in the face of starvation and death. Mystery: We received this letter without any documentation of its origin or donor. 

Jack Murphy describes bravery of local soldiers. 
Thanks to Bev Hart,  Social Studies teacher, Flanagan-Cornell HS students returned for their annual fieldtrip to encounter history at our museum. Our veterans enjoyed meeting them and sharing their experiences!

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